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As you know, our members are the heart and soul of our organization. It is for you and with you that we advocate on behalf of our loved ones with severe mental illness. The only way that NAMI Atlantic/Cape can continue to successfully do this is by having a strong and growing base of members. We derive our strength from you as we fight in our community and on the state level to ensure non-discriminatory access to quality health care. In addition to contacting our Legislators, we have a strong voice on area boards such as the Atlantic County Mental Health Advisory Board, the AtlantiCare Behavioral Health Board, etc.We need your membership to continue the fight.In addition to our advocacy efforts, we serve our members and the greater community by providing support groups and educational speaker meetings. We have provided you with cutting-edge information about the latest research on services and medications available to persons with severe mental illness. We have responded to numerous calls in the past year offering guidance on local services, providing fact sheets on medications, and simply offering an understanding ear to those of you in need.We need your support to continue helping families and friends like you.
Most of us can remember our initial fear and the lack of information that was available to families when our loved ones first became ill. Out of that experience was born the NAMI Family-to-Family education course. Since 1996 NAMI Atlantic/Cape has provided that course to hundreds of families who are hungry for good solid information about these illnesses, suggestions on dealing with crisis situations, latest research, etc.Let us use your voice to end discrimination against people with mental illness.
The national, state, and local NAMI organizations have also developed a comprehensive information service on the World Wide Web. The NAMI sites (such as this one) enable our members and the general public to gain instant access to important information about severe mental illnesses, medications, social services, and current events that may affect the status of care for persons with brain disorders. It is written in simple, easy-to-read language and may be readily accessed with an interactive search engine. Look for NAMI (national) at Our state organization information is available at and our Atlantic and Cape May County affiliate site at

Please renew or apply for our affiliate membership today to help us continue to work on behalf of our family members and friends living with severe mental illness. Remember, the more members that we have, the more power we have to improve the mental health system.

Gail Dembin
NAMI Atlantic/Cape

Serving Atlantic and Cape May Counties

If you would like to join our affiliate using US Mail, fill out the application (available for printing by clicking on MEMBERSHIP FORM), and mail it to:

Rosemarie Green, Membership Chair,
NAMI Atlantic/Cape, 4 Cedarbridge Circle, Northfield, New Jersey 08225-1007.


If you would like to use PayPal to join NAMI Atlantic/Cape using a major credit card or your PayPal account (if you have one — but not necessary), choose your membership option — either Full Member or Consumer (one who receives the services of a professional dealing with mental health issues) from the drop down menu below, then click on the “SUBSCRIBE” button and you will be linked to PayPal’s secure website and server to enter your personal information.
You will receive an email confirmation of your payment from PayPal. You will then begin to receive our newsletter (mailed quarterly) with the latest news and events from your affiliate and receive the full benefits of membership.